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Lead Testing

In Houston, your safety at home is crucial. Reagan Environmental is here to help. We specialize in thorough Lead Testing services, going beyond surface checks. Our mission is to give Houston residents reliable and precise information about lead in their homes, ensuring their safety.

What is Lead Abatement

Lead abatement involves addressing lead-based paint issues, including inspections, risk assessments, and removal. Certified experts should carry out it while following safety protocols to minimize lead exposure. The objective is the permanent elimination of lead-based paint hazards, which can lead to severe and irreversible health damage in children due to lead poisoning. This is of utmost importance in homes and places regularly visited by children, especially those constructed before 1978.

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How Much Does Lead Abatement Cost

Cost considerations for lead abatement involve several factors:

Extent of Contamination: The more widespread the lead issue, the higher the cost.

Abatement Method: Different methods have different price points. Removal is typically more expensive than encapsulation.

Property Size: Larger spaces require more resources and time, impacting the overall cost.

Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring compliance with Houston and federal regulations may add to the cost.

Lead inspections typically cost around $300, but the price can vary from $200 to over $400, and in some cases, it may even reach $700. The cost varies based on the number of rooms and the total area being tested in your home. This includes inspections for lead paint on various surfaces, both indoors and outdoors, like doors, walls, and windows.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Lead Abatement

Navigating insurance can be complex. Here’s what you need to know:

Policy Specifics: Coverage varies among policies. Check your homeowners insurance policy for details on lead abatement coverage.

Extent of Damage: Some policies may cover lead abatement if it’s necessary due to a covered peril or extensive damage.

Professional Guidance: Consult with your insurance provider and Reagan Environmental for personalized advice tailored to your situation.

When Lead Abatement Required

Indications for Lead Inspection & Abatement in Your Home:

  1. Your home was constructed before 1978.
  2. You are in the process of purchasing or renting an older residence.
  3. You or your family members are showing symptoms of lead poisoning.
  4. You plan to undertake activities like repainting, remodeling, renovating, or any work that might disturb paint, leading to the creation of paint chips and dust.
  5. The paint in your home is deteriorating, appearing chalky, cracking, or having multiple layers.
  6. You simply want to ensure that your home is free from lead.

The Dangers of Lead Exposure

Lead exposure is highly dangerous, especially for children under 6. They can accidentally ingest lead from accessible surfaces like doors, windows, stairs, porches, railings, and banisters. Deteriorating lead-based paint can also create dust that can be inhaled.

It’s important to note that there is no safe level of lead exposure for children, highlighting the urgency of minimizing exposures to enhance their life outcomes, as stated by the EPA Lead (Pb) Research.

Exposure to lead can result in permanent harm to both the mental and physical development of children. According to the CDC, the well-documented adverse effects of lead on children include:

Brain and nervous system damage, slowed growth and development, hearing and speech problems, learning and behavior problems.

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When Lead Abatement Is Required

Understanding the role of home inspectors in lead-based paint detection is crucial. Here’s a breakdown:

Specialized Training: Not all home inspectors receive specialized training in lead-based paint detection. It requires expertise and knowledge of lead paint inspection methods.

Regulatory Requirements: In some areas, there might not be a regulatory mandate for general home inspectors to check for lead-based paint. It varies depending on local regulations.

Specific Request: Homeowners concerned about lead-based paint can request a specialized lead inspection or hire a dedicated lead-based paint inspector for a more comprehensive assessment.

At Reagan Environmental, our lead-based paint inspectors undergo rigorous training to ensure they can identify and assess lead hazards accurately. We believe in going beyond the basics to provide you with detailed insights into the safety of your home. Trust us to be your reliable partner in creating a healthier living environment.

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Lancashire Collies
I cannot begin to describe how professional, honest, knowledgable and thorough Cameron with Reagan was when he came and did the mold assessment. He was so generous with his time to explain and answer my questions. I rarely write reviews but Cameron was helpful and I highly recommend him. As a physician with severe mold allergies, there is no one else out there I would trust Thank you guys so much Lisa L Kite, MD
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Layton Mitchell
As the Owner of a Roofing Company you Deal with a lot of Homeowners who deal with Leaks!! I only call Reagan Environmental to help with my Clients because they are Extremely Honest!! I’ve had Cameron speak with Multiple Homeowners at Early & Extremely Late Hours to put them at ease with his Knowledge & Compassion for People! Thank you once again!
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Bryan Broussard
Highly Recommend with Great Customer Service
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Jessica Ohnstad
These guys came out quickly for a huge job and were super professional. I hope I never need this again but if I do I’m calling Reagan!
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Lone Star Pro Services
We have been working with Reagan Enviromental for quite some time right now. Very professional and punctual. We have heard only good and happy words from our clients that we have referred. Very detailed and well done reports. Easy to read and easy to follow protocols. Highly recommended.
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Chloe Simmons
Highly recommended this company! Cameron Reagan from Reagan Environmental came out and provided excellent service with fast results. Their prices were unbeatable and they were very informative and responsive to all my questions.
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Sherri Stetzer
These guys are awesome! I always worry about getting ripped off because I’m a first time homeowner but start to finish I felt completely at ease. I’m very impressed by their work and professionalism.


While home lead testing kits can provide a preliminary indication of the presence of lead, their results are not always accurate and should not be solely relied upon. It is recommended to have a confirmation test done by a certified professional like Reagan Environmental, especially in situations where the results can impact health or significant financial decisions.

There are several types of lead tests available. This includes home test kits, professional testing by a certified lead inspector, or laboratory testing of samples collected from your home.

Reagan Environmental is certified for professional lead inspection in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas.

Home testing for lead poisoning in children is not recommended. It’s important to have this test done by a healthcare professional. If you suspect your child may have been exposed to lead, visit your child’s healthcare provider.


Lead contamination can come from a variety of sources. This includes lead-based paint, contaminated soil, dust, and water that’s passed through lead pipes. Other sources can include imported goods such as toys, cosmetics, and home remedies.

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