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What is Asbestos in Houston, Texas?

Asbestos is a mineral fiber that was used in home-building materials between the 1940s and 1970s. Asbestos was valuable for its ability to resist fire and provide insulation for heat and sound. However, asbestos is highly dangerous. Inhaling the tiny fibers can lead to serious health issues, including lung and stomach cancer.

Asbestos Testing Process

Inspectors use various methods to test for asbestos in a building. It’s important to know that checking for asbestos yourself can be dangerous due to asbestos exposure.

Here’s a simplified overview of the process:

Visual Inspection: The inspector first assesses the building and its materials, looking for any visible signs of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). This may include inspecting insulation, ceiling tiles, flooring, and other potential sources.

Sampling: If the inspector suspects the presence of asbestos, they take samples of the materials that might contain asbestos. This is done carefully to avoid disturbing the asbestos fibers and releasing them into the air.

Laboratory Analysis: The collected samples are sent to a specialized laboratory for analysis. Highly trained technicians use microscopy and other techniques to examine the samples and determine if asbestos fibers are present.

Reporting: The laboratory gives a report to the inspector, indicating whether they found asbestos and in what quantities. The results will help assess the level of risk and inform any necessary safety precautions.

Risk Assessment: Based on the laboratory results, the inspector assesses the risk of asbestos exposure and recommends appropriate steps for safe management, removal, or abatement.

How to tell if your home has asbestos?

To determine if your home has asbestos, seek professional assessment as asbestos is not easily identifiable. Check your home's age, especially if built before the 1980s.

If an item containing asbestos is in good, undamaged condition, you can leave it alone. If your home was built before the asbestos ban or if it's damaged and you're planning renovations or anything that may disturb it, you'll want to remove it. It's important to understand whether your homeowners insurance covers asbestos removal in Houston. It likely won't, unless it sustained damage due to a covered peril.

What is Asbestos Abatement?

Asbestos abatement is the process of safely removing and managing asbestos-containing materials from your property. It is a  highly regulated procedure aimed at minimizing the health risks associated with asbestos exposure. 

We offer asbestos inspection & testing, and if asbestos is found and exposure risks are high, we will direct you to one of our locally trusted & licensed abatement professionals in Houston, Texas. From then, a detailed abatement plan is then created, complying with regulations. Asbestos materials will be carefully taken out, double-bagged, and disposed of properly. 

After the abatement process is completed, Reagan will do a final inspection to make sure everything is in compliance.

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How Much Does Asbestos Abatement Cost?

The cost of asbestos testing varies based on factors such as the size of your property, the extent of asbestos present, and the complexity of the removal process. Our pricing is transparent, competitive, and tailored to fit your specific needs. We believe in making asbestos abatement services accessible without compromising on quality, ensuring your home is a safe haven for years to come.

Removing asbestos from a 200-square-foot area usually costs between $1,000 and $4,000. The price varies depending on the location of the asbestos and how easy it is to take out.

Where is asbestos found in old homes?

Various places in older homes can contain asbestos. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, here are examples of where you may find asbestos in such homes:

  • Vermiculite attic and wall insulation
  • Insulation, coating, coverings, or tape on hot water and steam pipes
  • Insulation on oil and coal furnaces and any door gaskets
  • Asbestos paper, millboard, or cement sheets on walls and floors near wood-burning stoves
  • Vinyl floor tiles and sheet flooring, plus adhesives for these
  • Certain wall patching compounds and textured paints
  • Roofing and siding shingles

Does Insurance Cover Asbestos Abatement?

Insurance coverage for asbestos abatement depends on your policy and the specific circumstances. It’s essential to consult with your insurance provider to understand the extent of coverage. At Reagan Environmental, we work with you to provide detailed documentation and support your insurance claims when applicable. 

Ready to take the next step towards a safer home? Contact Reagan Environmental for professional asbestos abatement services in Houston. We’re dedicated to creating a healthy living environment for you and your family.

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Asbestos testing offers several valuable benefits. It foremost protects your health by identifying this harmful substance, which can cause serious illnesses like lung cancer. It also ensures you follow the law, avoiding legal problems and penalties related to asbestos handling.

Additionally, it makes your property safer by managing or removing asbestos, preventing it from being inhaled. Knowing the asbestos status of your property is essential when buying or selling, as it can affect property value and transactions.

Ultimately, testing brings peace of mind, removing uncertainty about potential asbestos hazards, and is an environmentally responsible practice by preventing asbestos release during demolition or renovations.

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Asbestos removal can be dangerous due to the potential release of harmful asbestos fibers. Inhaling these fibers can lead to severe health problems, like lung cancer and asbestosis. Without proper protective gear and handling, those involved in removal are at risk of exposure.

All types of asbestos are considered hazardous to human health, and there is no “better” type of asbestos.

There are different types of asbestos, including chrysotile (white asbestos), amosite (brown asbestos), and crocidolite (blue asbestos), among others. While chrysotile asbestos is the most commonly used and found in many products, all forms of asbestos have been associated with health hazards.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral composed of fine, durable fibers that are heat-resistant and have insulating properties, which made it appealing for various industrial and construction applications. However, exposure to any form of asbestos can lead to serious health risks, including lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma.

Demolition is not the only solution for asbestos removal. Depending on the situation, there are other methods. Encapsulation involves sealing asbestos materials to prevent fiber release. Enclosure isolates asbestos with airtight barriers.

Selective removal targets and removes specific asbestos materials in renovation projects. In more serious cases, complete removal is necessary. The method chosen depends on factors like the type of asbestos and its condition.

No, there is no safe level of asbestos exposure. Asbestos is a known carcinogen, and even minimal exposure to its fibers can pose health risks. Prolonged or repeated inhalation of asbestos fibers can lead to serious illnesses.

Therefore, it is crucial to minimize exposure to asbestos as much as possible

A plumber is not typically qualified or licensed to remove asbestos-containing materials. Asbestos removal is a specialized and highly regulated process that requires specific training and certification due to the health risks associated with asbestos exposure.

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